Sadly, we spend thousands of dollars to bury our parents and grandparents. Why not spend a couple hundred making sure their memories live on?


Three ways to get started capturing the stories of a loved one.

Avoid the inevitable regret that comes from procrastination, wishing you had asked the questions of your loved one’s life before the memories fade or worse, the loved one has passed.

Here are three easy ways to get started.


Preserve your paper photos for future generations, saving them so all family members have their own copy and everyone has online access to them.  


A do-it-yourself option. Just upload your photos sequence them, add narrative, record the narrative in your voice or the voice of the person living the experience to help bring the experience to life. Includes access to the Interview Questionnaire Generator to help ask the right kind of questions and access to the family tree module where you can quickly access photos and stories with the click of a button.  


Don’t have the time but feel this is important?  Need a little help to get started?

Honoring someone’s life by capturing their story is the ultimate gift. Let us help you by providing only the specific help you need for your situation to get your project started or we can even do it for you. Just tell us a little about your project and we’ll share our advice abolutely free.


Since the introduction of the first Kodak camera almost 125 years ago, billions of photos sit in people’s closets and photo albums deteriorating due to fading in color, humidity damage and even getting misplaced or lost. These photos represent a snapshot in time of people’s lives. SCAN THEM NOW!  WHY? As people age, memories fade. We’ve scanned thousands of photos for families and in every case, a sense of regret that they were not preserved and organized earlier sets in. GIVE THE GIFT OF MEMORIES. Honor the lives of those who came before you and help your parents or grandparents preserve those memories for those generations that follow you. Whether you have 100 photos or 10,000 photos, we can help.


Some parents and most grandparents are often “old school” when it comes to adopting technology. Many prefer the tangible hardcover book form when documenting their story. When purchasing our Photo Books we use the online story builder platform ( to help structure and organize the printed book. This allows us to easily collaborate with family members whose input for the book content is essential. The process is thus faster and allows us to be price competitive. Each of our books includes access to the online story platform where the book content is accessible by all family members – for generations.


As an affiliate of we can provide you permanent access to the online platform that allows your family to organize the family photo collection in the cloud, create a family tree, access interview templates (to help capture the stories of family members across generations) and even record the stories in the voice of those living the experiences. As a premium certified affiliate we can offer you the same pricing (with occassional specials) and enhance your experience with various value added services such as photo scanning and photobook creation and more. When you use our services you get access to all the great tools at, plus training, plus access to our own value added services.


Our services include helping our clients organize their photo collection across devices, photo scanning, photo book creation, and more plus a complementary membership to  As an affiliate of, you have access to all their tools allowing you to create and edit online stories – “doing-it-yourself”.  All your digital photos, scanned photos, and book photos will also be available to you online in the course of delivering our services – uploaded to your complimentary membership at



Every project is unique.

We are happy to share our insights including getting a cost estimate based on your specific project.