These projects will give you some insight as to what might be done for your family.

Being of an older generation, we loved having a photo book rather than having to use a computer. It was just so convenient to pick it up from the coffee table and enjoy reminiscing on the spur of the moment. The quality delivered was far beyond expectations.


Our grandfather was an important part of all our lives growing up. 5 years after his passing we wanted a DVD created from a single 30 minute audio cassette tape of him talking about his life during WWI, immigrating to America and settling in Chicago. produced a DVD that really brought his memory to life and we will be forever grateful. It is a family treasure.

Marie Walsh-White

Grand Daughter

Having spent a life-time buying and selling antiques downtown San Francisco we wanted a book that summarized our story including lifestyle, quality of merchandise, touched on Wendy’s and my life experiences  in business, personal and travels. produced a coffee table quality photo book that delivered big time.


Owner, John Doughty Antiques

After 20 years of shooting 35mm slide film and accumulating several thousand slides we were at a loss of what to do with them. Our old slide projector stopped working long ago. Fortunately SaveGrandma’s scanning service was able to scan them to a DVD so we could give a copy to all our kids.


HEDAC needed a statement piece to present at our fund raisers and to give to our major donors. Not only does’s photo books tell a story in a visually compelling way but they also serve as a conversaiton piece to help develop word-of-mouth referrals and are valuable when building a following. 


Honduras Educational Development Assistance Corp.

Not for profit organizations need to keep up with the times. It is no longer sufficient to just have a website. Keeping donors informed and reaching out to prospective donors requires a presence on social media including YouTube, FaceBook and Instagram. produced our “Honduras Trip January 2005”, for the initial launch of our not-for-profit organization.


Honduras Development Assistance Corporation